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Kelly Demers

Trapeze trio (flyer)

Cyr wheel

Generalist acrobat



About me...

Being born premature, many doctors and people around me were worried about my development.  That's why, at the age of two, I was enrolled in gymnastics where I could immediately understand how to spend my energy.  I discovered an interest in doing acrobatics and testing the limits of my body.  This sport allowed me to become a go-getter, perseverant and above all, autonomous.  It is after I detached myself from the world of competition that the world of the stage attracted me.  It's a world where people show an impressive dedication and where mutual aid is put forward.  The circus has been part of my life for almost ten years now and I can confirm that this choice was the best one I ever made.  Today I have no repercussions from my birth and I am ready to face anything.

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